In the heart of Paia town

Charming boutique hotel

Unique Hawaiiana atmosphere

Affordable rates

Oceanside – steps to the beach

Cafe bar next door with live music & DJs most nights

Simple, Spotless, & Comfortable rooms

Our reservations site can be viewed here.*Please excuse our website as it is being rebuilt. Mahalo for your patience.

Aladdin is hanging out in Paia and we summoned the Genie...
What are your 3 wishes?

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Visit our beautiful aquarium minutes away from Nalu Kai lodge ...

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Enjoy local grinds at @kuaustore right down the street from Nalu Kai lodge!! #nalukailodge ...

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Smack dab in the heart of #paia with affordable rates and super clean rooms!

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How awesome would it be to bike from Hookipa to Kanaha??!! We support the #northshoregreenway and Paia needs your testimony tomorrow at 9am. We'll be there! More info at
First Reading of the Budget at 9am on 5/17 (agenda)

May 17, 9am – Council Chamber, 8th Floor, 200 South High Street, Wailuku, Hawaii – ORAL OR WRITTEN TESTIMONY on any agenda item will be accepted. Each testifier will be allowed to speak for three minutes per meeting

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Another outstanding group of athletes and partiers! @guycribb and his groups have been staying with us for years, and their stories have only gotten more outlandish... #paia #paiahotel #nalukailodge #maui #guycribb ...

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We had a fantastic week with these amazing road biking athletes! Special thanks to @mauicyclery! ...

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This wooden gate has weathered many many years here. Is it time to rebuild from anew or do we keep trying to fix it knowing it'll just keep falling apart? 🤔
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At 8pm the music stops and the quiet begins to settle in. A day in Paia, paradise found from within.
There are giggles from couples coming back from their dates.
Bellies filled from their fish taco plates. The torches blow a citrus smoke through the air.
The waves wash the rocks of any worries or cares.
As we tuck in for bed, in our tight white sheets.
Dizzy are our heads, from the lychee martinis.
The last car is parked, the lights all fade.
It is time for dark, and we all deserve to get laid.
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Dug up this epic drone shot today from @karimiliya of #paia
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