In the heart of Paia town

Charming boutique hotel

Unique Hawaiiana atmosphere

Affordable rates

Oceanside – steps to the beach

Cafe bar next door with live music & DJs most nights

Simple, Spotless, & Comfortable rooms

Our reservations site can be viewed here.*Please excuse our website as it is being rebuilt. Mahalo for your patience.

Aladdin is hanging out in Paia and we summoned the Genie...
What are your 3 wishes?

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Visit our beautiful aquarium minutes away from Nalu Kai lodge ...

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Enjoy local grinds at @kuaustore right down the street from Nalu Kai lodge!! #nalukailodge ...

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Smack dab in the heart of #paia with affordable rates and super clean rooms!

#nalukailodge #paiahotel

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How awesome would it be to bike from Hookipa to Kanaha??!! We support the #northshoregreenway and Paia needs your testimony tomorrow at 9am. We'll be there! More info at
First Reading of the Budget at 9am on 5/17 (agenda)

May 17, 9am – Council Chamber, 8th Floor, 200 South High Street, Wailuku, Hawaii – ORAL OR WRITTEN TESTIMONY on any agenda item will be accepted. Each testifier will be allowed to speak for three minutes per meeting

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Another outstanding group of athletes and partiers! @guycribb and his groups have been staying with us for years, and their stories have only gotten more outlandish... #paia #paiahotel #nalukailodge #maui #guycribb ...

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We had a fantastic week with these amazing road biking athletes! Special thanks to @mauicyclery! ...

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This wooden gate has weathered many many years here. Is it time to rebuild from anew or do we keep trying to fix it knowing it'll just keep falling apart? 🤔
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