Parking Directions

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Nalu Kai Parking.pdf

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  • Park in any of the designated spots on the right side of the Alley, Nalu Pl. This includes the two spots in the carport (or garage).
  • If you can’t find a spot, park on the ocean side of the street or at the lit public parking lot.
  • Never leave valuables, backpacks or luggage inside your car overnight.
  • Park fully inside the yellow line, that is parallel with the alleyway. If you do not park correctly, our neighbors will complain to us.
  • After self-checking in to your room, you will find your key and parking pass inside your room. The parking pass is just a Lodge business card with your room number on it. Place it on your dash.
  • If you do not have a parking pass in your car, we may put a “no parking you will be towed” sticker on your car. It’s a pain to remove. Sorry!
  • Sorry, there is no designated or legal spot to smoke on the alleyway due to county regulations and the proximity to the entrance to businesses and non-smoking properties. Also, the cigarette butts on the ground end up in the ocean which is one of the biggest problems with native turtle populations.